Concealed Weapon Class

Looking to get a concealed weapon permit are you? Worried about a home invasion? 

At Nyk's Gun Hut we offer concealed weapon and home defense fundamentals all in one class.

We understand everyone has individual needs and scenarios they want to prepare for, we offer a course to suit your needs so you can be a survivor and not a statistic. 

At Nyk's Gun Hut we have USCCA instructors that are certified in concealed carry & home defense fundamentals. 

Why is taking a course from a USCCA instructor important? Well we have to stay current and do continued education in order maintain our certification as an instructor, We are educators to people who are new and old to the gun world we help you become a better trained and better educated citizen.

What Will You Learn

  • Law of Self Defense
  • Firearm fundamentals
  • Home Defense Fundamentals
  • Real World Scenarios
  • Concealed Carry Permit Process

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